About Us

Our Vision

We understand your unique needs and requirements!

Together with our continuous efforts of rebuilding the Real Estate market, strengthening the core values of the family, providing more stable jobs to common men and women on the main street. Getting a higher standard of education to all, across the globe. Empowering women and providing all with basic health care in the under-developed regions of the world.

Ajay Gerald Dayal is committed to build a consensus with his efforts and messages among like minded people to build schools and dispensaries (clinics) in places where it is needed the most to support and sustain the human life and to grow together to newer heights as human race, with our honest and sincere efforts in our day to day business and commercial dealings.

Off Market Deals

1. Find great off market deals before they are shopped around

There is always a good deal that is available with us at the best value before it is shopped around and becomes a tier three deal and the bidding war has already started to hike up the price.

2. Bang for the buck

You can always count on us to get you the best value for your dollar with our extensive network and vast database we already have a unique deal catering to your special requirement as per your business model.

3. Time is money, lets get straight to business

Once you get in touch with us, we make sure that you have the deals to pick from right away, without wasting any time. You will have plenty of off market deals to pick from that have not been shopped around. Your time is very valuable to us.

Our Mission

Best Off Market Deals available

Extensive Database
We take pride in our continuous efforts to bring the best off market deals.

Resources to make process simple

Simple and easy steps
With us the whole experience of getting the best deal for your business model is easy.

Indepth analysis of each unique deal

Extensive research and analysis resources
Time well spent in uderstanding each clients needs to make the best match with property to create real overall value.

Real Estate Tours

We make sure that you understand the value of knowing the surrounding areas to make a well informed decision about where and why you would transact the deal.

Well deserved time is spent as per your convenience to make sure that you get to see and understand where all the growth and development is which creates the value for your property now and in the future. All the questions are answered and substantial data is provided from independent third parties where all is possible to make the transaction an enriching experience.